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Tanignak Shellac Collection One

Pop Jazz and Dance

Pretty Baby - Billy Murray, c. 1916

I’d  Rather Be the Girl in Your Arms - Jean Goldkette Orch. (with Bix), 1927

I’m Winging Home - Paul Whiteman with Bing Crosby and Rhythm Boys, 1928

Classic Jazz and Blues Tunes

Jazz Me Blues - The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, 1917 (first jazz recording)

Limehouse Blues - Ted Lewis and His Band, 1928

Royal Garden Blues - Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang (w. Trumbauer) 1928

Sentimental and “Salon”

There’s a Long Long Trail - John McCormack, c. 1917

Humoresque (Dvorak) - Fritz Kreisler, violin, 1920

Love Letters in the Sand - Sam Lanin Orch. (Hit of the Week, 1931)

World War I Songs

Goodbye, Broadway, Hello France - Peerless Quartette

I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier - Morton Harvey  (protest song!)

Tracks Recorded from a Columbia “Viva-Tonal 800” Grafonola from 1926

The above Columbia Viva-Tonal 800 was built for the new electric records produced from 1925 on. Recording it gives an odd almost stereophonic effect, because the two horns are stacked and receive the sound micro-seconds apart. And being played in a very acoustically “live” room gives some room ambience, usually in the left microphone. Here are several samples, with minimal EQ and no fade in-out so you can hear the sound of a 1926 Grafonola in action!

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers  - Cameo Dance Orchestra, 1922 (acoustical) - I left in the sound of my footsteps, as I walked from the digital recorder to the Grafonola.

Dinah - Jean Goldkette Orchestra, late 1925 (early electric)

Black Bottom - Johnny Hamp’s Kentucky Serenaders (Charleston hit - late 1925)

There Will Be More of These Tracks Posted Soon!