TruthTexts Luke Study: Chapter 4 Luke Study – Chapter 4

Written and Posted by Timothy Smith

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More Actions that Apply to Any Chapter:

• Choose a verse, phrase, or section from today’s study that spoke to you, and explain what it means, as if you were talking to a friend.

• Now think of any other verses in any other part of the Bible that reinforce what you learned (or teach a similar lesson). You could use an online Bible and do a word or topic search, if your Bible does not have study notes.

• Now apply what you’ve learned today to your own life. What will you do (start doing, keep doing, stop doing, or change) from reading and thinking about our study today?

• Pray, in your own words, asking God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to help you remember what you’ve learned, and ask for the power to live more like Jesus.

Luke Chapter Four:

The Battle of The Light Against Darkness Begins

Thinking About Chapter Four:

In our “modern” times, direct confrontation between light and darkness seems like a plotline from a superhero movie. But the Bible is clear that as the Light of the World began his earthly ministry, the forces of darkness, from the devil and from evil people, came sharply into focus. Pay attention to the contrasts between the blessings of Heaven and a fallen world, and note how Jesus fought the battle.

The Temptation of Jesus – A “Deep Dive” about Christ’s Power

The Bible presents Jesus as fully human, and as the Beloved Son of the Father (Luke 3:22). Yet as we carefully examine Jesus’ ministry, we see that he used only the power that he would later give to us. (Philippians 2:6-11, John 14:12 and 15, John 16:4-15, Acts 1:1-5 and 7-8) We also see that the presence of the Son of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit brought out visible and extreme attacks from the devil. The first example is Christ’s own temptation by the devil. (Luke 4:1-13) Our temptations are never this direct, but our defense must always be the same one that Jesus used: the power of Scripture.

• In the first temptation, Jesus resisted the devil using  Deut. 8:3, “ does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.” Do you use Scripture as you face your own struggles in life?

• Analyze one of the other temptations and explain what it was about. Why do you think Jesus used the Scripture he chose?

• Think about a temptation you sometimes face. What verses come to mind to help you resist it?

The Initial Reaction to Jesus (Luke 4:14-15)

• What was the initial reaction of the public to the beginning of Christ’s ministry? Why?

Why Jesus Left Capernaum (Luke 4:42-44)

• What was Jesus’ reason for leaving Capernaum? What is his purpose at this early stage in his ministry?

Nazareth Reacts to Jesus (Luke 4:16-30)

When Jesus visited the synagogue in Nazareth, his hometown in the northern region of Galilee, he was invited to read a passage of Scripture and teach on it. He chose Isaiah 61:1-2.


• Why did Jesus choose that passage to read? How did he explain it (what was he announcing)?

• (deep dive question) What part of the Isaiah passage did Jesus leave out? Why?

• (deep dive question) In verses 22-30, the people of Nazareth quickly turned against Jesus, and actually attempted to kill him. Why? (See Isaiah 9:1 & 2).  

Jesus Confronts an Evil Spirit (Luke 4:31-37, 40-41)

In my opinion, the enemy uses any method he can to disrupt the work of God and to degrade humanity. As others have noted, he can present himself through a corrupted church official, a dictator, an “angel of light,” or even through a Halloween-worthy freak show. When Jesus began working, he forced demonic activity out into the open.

• What did the people ask themselves upon seeing Jesus’ ministry of deliverance? (verses 36-37)

• By what authority did Jesus heal and cast out demons? (See Luke 11:20)

• What did the demons always say when they were cast out? (verses 34 and 41). What happened to the victims afterward?

• (deep dive question) Jesus always commanded the spirits to be silent about who he was. Why? (see the last part of I Cor. 12:3)

The Continuing Ministry of Deliverance

The book of Acts also records numerous incidents that mirror Luke chapter 4. And even in today’s time, there are believers confronting the devil and doing direct battle against his influence. What Jesus was doing for those oppressed by the devil is called by some people today the “ministry of deliverance.”  

• Have you ever seen or participated in a “ministry of deliverance”? What happened as a result?