Pretend It’s The End Index – A Bible Study for the New and Growing

Follower of Jesus

By Timothy Smith, Posted in 2022

TruthTexts “Pretend It’s The End” Index

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Links to the six parts of this study:

“Pretend It’s The End”

Part One  “Be Sober, Be Watchful”

Part Two  “Weighing Our Options”

Part Three  “The Worst and Best Responses”

Part Four  “New, Not Old”

Part Five  “But If Not…”

Part Six  “Faithful As Never Before”

And please, tell me what you’ve learned, and what I could add to strengthen this study!

– Timothy Smith,

At the end of each section, I have included the following graphic: A church on fire, signifying difficult times for believers, and text drawn from and inspired by Luke 21:28 and the other TruthTexts we will use in this study.

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Bible Study: “Pretend It’s The End”

TruthTexts presents a 6-part Bible study about living every day as though our time here on Earth is short.  We know civilizations, nations, and our own lives will not last forever. But believers in Jesus know that  “the end” is really the beginning of Eternity. So we will examine the Bible’s TruthTexts on how to behave, how to think, what to say, and what to do, in order to share the love of Jesus with the whole world. There are no “End Times” speculations in this study, no rash predictions. There’s just a serious look at some practical TruthTexts about living radically different lives by following God’s Word through the power of the Holy Spirit in these perilous times.

Some thoughts on how to use this material:

Each part includes study questions after each article, with many opportunities to read the embedded Bible references, stop and discuss sections of interest, and begin in-depth investigations, either individually or as a group.

These 6 articles work for personal study, or for small group. A small group might spend about 45 minutes per session, selecting  2 or 3 questions to discuss.  When you meet as a group, first read the article aloud and pause to bring your thoughts to the group as you read. Then answer as many of the end questions as you have time for. Each group that studies this material is bound to find their own points of discussion and areas of concern. Each group will focus on their own instructions drawn from the TruthTexts in the chapter, finding new “marching orders” for these difficult times.

I found studying this material to be sobering and convicting, and I’m sure you will, too. So be sure to pray together for the power and wisdom to share the love of Christ. We live in times of fear, but we can share the peace of Jesus. Remember that people all around us are desperate for the Good News and comfort that we find in many of these verses.