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Wilson McKinley Music Page

The Wilson McKinley Music Page (Ordering Information)

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Message Brought to Us WM-7079-1

Message Brought to Us (1999) was the first CD release from original master tapes, with the band’s blessing. Includes personal favorites of the band, and six (of eight) tracks from the ultra-rare Country in the Sky cassette, but dubbed from the original four-channel master reels! There’s also one previously unreleased practice song. A great value!

Message Brought to Us Sound Samples

You Gotta Hear About My Friend from the 1970 LP, On Stage

The Love of My Saviour from On Stage

Country in the Skytitle track from the 1973 cassette-only release (but remixed from 4-track reel masters!)

I See with Different Eyesfrom Country in the Sky cassette (4-track reel master)

NOTE: this CD has 9 tracks that are not on the double-CD album. It is offered at a very low price, or can be purchased with Now I’m a Jesus Freak as a set. Besides the six Country in the Sky and tracks from On Stage, another unique thing about this CD is the liner notes about every song, from interviews with band members and ministry leaders.

Domestic USA: Message Brought to Us - Includes the band's favorite original compositions and info about each song provided by band members. Plus one previously-unreleased track. Shipping Included!

Message Brought to Us



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Now  I’m a Jesus Freak  Sound Samples

I Know the Lordthe only track in the album from the On Stage LP

It’s Up to Youfrom Spirit of Elijah

Tree of Life  — from Spirit of Elijah

His Eye is On the Sparrow from Spirit of Elijah

Then I Fell in Lovefrom Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast

He Made Us Free  — from Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast

I Wish I Had the Words to Tell You  — from Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast

Unreleased Tracks: (18 on disc 2!)

Jesus, Jesus  — live track, “I Am” coffee house

My Life’s Foundation  — live track , “I Am”

There’ll Come a Time  — practice tape

Deep in the Arms of My Lord  — practice tape

You Don’t KnockGreg Beumer session, 1976

NOTE: this CD has one whole disc of previously-unreleased material. Many of their live and practice songs here are even better than their album tracks!

Now I’m a Jesus Freak (2009) is a double-CD set with all of Spirit of Elijah  and Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast, the remaining two Country in the Sky tracks, and one track from Yesterday / Forever, all from original master tapes. And that’s only disc one! Disc two is chock full of unreleased tracks: live songs from the “I Am,” multiple unreleased practice songs from 1970 and 1973, and five new recordings: two by Randy Wilcox and three by Mike Messer! An instant collection!

Now I’m a Jesus Freak WM-7079-2


Check out A-B comparisons between the original LP’s and the Tanignak Productions mix!

Preview the upcoming Rolled Away the Stone Album

Order new LP’s (unmixed masters, original artwork) here or from Obscure Oxide / Lion Productions

Follow the Links to Rare Samples, the WM Story, and More!

International Shipping: Message Brought to Us - Includes the band's favorite original compositions and info about each song provided by band members. Plus one previously-unreleased track.

Includes International Shipping (No USA Zip Codes)

Message Brought to Us




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Best Value: Both Albums at a Special Price:

A - B Comparisons between my original LP copies of Spirit of Elijah and Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast (short samples of four songs in two mixes)

Crown of Glorynotice the original extreme reverb on the LP, and the clarity of the remix. You may also notice that the LP was pressed in stereo-reverse. My remix restores the original spatial balance.

His Eye is On the Sparrow  — as above. As nice as this song sounds with reverb, it is so much clearer in the remix, and the instruments (again, stereo-reversed) have full detail.

I Wish I Had the Words to Tell Youthe heavy mid-bass and weak treble make for a muddy mix on the LP. You may notice a huge dropout in the verse. The CD version pops with clarity, and the bass moves into the normal range. Note: the instruments were recorded in mono (center) with the vocals and percussion in stereo.

Like a Warm Summer Daythe LP was especially muddy on this track. The CD version practically puts the listener in the studio with them! The instruments were in true stereo here,  but the opening piano chords suffered from extreme dropouts and tape flutter. Thankfully, the original master tape had no dropouts.

Rolled Away the Stone  Sound Samples

Won’t You ComeGonzaga University, November, 1970

Won’t You Come and Go With MeGonzaga University, 1970

He is a Friend of Mine  — “I Am” coffee house, Spokane, 1971

You Ask Me Who Is He  — “I Am” coffee house, Spokane, 1972

We are the Children / King of Love“Moby”  rock concert, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, 1971

Wayfaring Stranger “Moby” concert, ‘71

(Many more fantastic performances!)

Coming in 2020: Rolled Away The Stone

The Wilson McKinley Live and in Stereo, 1970 — 1972

The Wilson McKinley Have Returned  (On Vinyl)!

Both Spirit of Elijah and Heaven’s Gonna Be a Blast albums are now available on high-quality vinyl, utilizing unedited original master tapes, far clearer and more vivid than the muddy, scratchy, over-processed original records! The extensive liner notes and photos, as well as the album scans and master recordings, were provided by

Lion Productions and Obscure Oxide have released the LP’s for the collector market, with our full cooperation, and they are gorgeous! The photo below shows my preview copies with the original artwork, our inserts, and the vinyl with original labels. Only a small logo on each LP identifies it as a reissue. I also scanned the two promo stickers provided by Lion Productions, because they were printed too small (Jade Hubertz at Obscure Oxide says that’s their only “oops” in this production). Hopefully they are clear enough to read here!

Double Vinyl Set (High Quality Reissues)



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Domestic USA:  Spirit of Elijah and Heaven's Gonna Be a Blast Limited-Edition LP's from Lion Productions and Obscure Oxide. Sold here only as a double-album package. USA Zip Codes Only, Please! Domestic Shipping Included has a limited number of these vinyl releases, sold only as a two-LP set. Should you wish a single title, please contact Jade Hubertz of Obscure Oxide at and arrange to purchase a single title.


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