Luke Study: (Chapters 1-11; more chapters on the way)

A Brief Chapter-By-Chapter Study of Luke’s Gospel.

Some thoughts on how to use this material:

Each chapter includes study questions after each section of verses, with occasional “Deep Dive” in-depth investigations. In addition, a set of general activities for further study ends each session.

These work for personal study, or for small group A small group might spend about 45 minutes per session, selecting  2 or 3 questions to discuss. It works best to study the chapters ahead of the group discussion. You could choose which  question(s) you have comments, questions, and expansions on, and bring those ideas to the group study.

In the typical time allowed for a group Bible study, it’s unlikely to be able to discuss all the questions, which is why private study afterwards will help to develop a deeper understanding of what the session covered. And each chapter study is only able to hit a few high points, so spending a little more time with each chapter will be quite a treasure hunt!

I found the writing of this material to be eye-opening, exhilarating, and often convicting. I’m sure you will, too. Be sure to pray together for the power and wisdom to share the love of Christ with a world that seems to be falling apart. People all around us are desperate for the Good News of the Love of Jesus!

And please, tell me what you’ve learned, and what I could add to strengthen this study!

– Timothy Smith,

Introduction to Luke’s Gospel

Luke Chapter One Study

Luke Chapter Two Study

Luke Chapter Three Study

Luke Chapter Four Study

Luke Chapter Five  Study

Luke Chapter Six  Study

Luke Chapter Seven Study

Luke Chapter Eight  Study

Luke Chapter Nine  Study

Luke Chapter Ten Study

Luke Chapter Eleven  Study

Luke Chapter    Study

(More Chapters Are On The Way)

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Chapter    Study

Luke Conclusion/Acts 1 Study

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By Timothy Smith, Posted in 2022

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